Success With Sick Pets

Dog Outlives Life Expectancy.

Not only can herbs and supplements help humans increase their health and vitality, but they can also help animals fight sickness and disease!

When people are desperate, and the doctors or vets have said that there is nothing they can do, people often start to try the many and varied ‘alternative’ health treatments that are out there.  The best thing they can do though, is talk to someone with real training, who knows how to research, and who knows how the body works.

The Naturopaths here at SuperfoodsNZ are both fully qualified, and able to advise you on the supplements for sale on the website.  Jackie has done years of research to bring you the best quality supplements and has a wealth of knowledge about many common illnesses.

Not only do we sell products for humans, but also for our furry friends, from pet rescue remedy to supplements and top quality feed to keep your fur baby in top condition.

Jackie has been able to help dogs with serious illnesses outlive their life expectancy by years, and loves being able to help.

So if you or your pet have a health concern you’d like a natural fix for, get in contact with us!


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