Healing your animals Eyes


Have you ever had the issue where your darling little fur baby has come inside or curled up beside you and you have noticed something isn’t right. Is their eye all gunky or has it gotten a bit red?


I know you are saying , Oh here we go again another expensive trip to the vet. Or is it the weekend and you know the afterhours vets are going to cost you an arm and a leg.


Well for this problem I have experienced it a few times myself for gunky eyes you will need to make sure its nice and clean first .

The best way to do this is a nice warm saline wash, Now I know you  are saying  ” Well I don’t have any of that ” , I will tell you how to make a very effective and simple wash.


How to make a nice Saline wash


The best one I have found is take 1/2 glass of warm water  and add 1/8 teaspoon of our dead sea salt to the water , stir till its all dissolved and using a nice makeup cloth or a nice soft cloth dip a corner in the water and wipe your little ones eyes . Its best to wipe from inside corner, The one closest to their nose , to the outside corner. Use a different corner for each eye to prevent cross contamination. Keep gently cleaning till all the gunk has gone.


Now you will need to treat the eye


The best treatment

The best thing you can treat with is with our lovely product Eyebright. If you only have our lovely capsules you can break one of these open and empty it into a cup of boiling water , into this  if you have it handy also place a small pinch ( under 1/8 teaspoon) of golden seal . Allow the water to seep as if you are making a tea with the herbs , When its seeped for about 5 minutes and while its still warm to hot strain using a small tea strainer to remove the particles  and place the liquid into a sterilized bottle , I personally use the ones that have the eye droppers as this makes it easier.

Allow to cool and once cool put three drops in each eye , You will need to treat both eyes even if only one seems to be effected as this prevents any spread .

Repeat the cleaning and eye dropper application three times a day till eye is all clear.

Remaining mixture can be stored in the fridge for up to a month.

Treatment at a pinch

chamomileNow if you are in a pinch and cant get the eye bright or the golden seal , then you can do a cheaper option , If you get  a teabag of either Chamomile tea or Green Tea ( these two work the best ) , Make a tea out of it and use the cold tea to wash the eyes , You can also use the used teabag as a compress on the eye if your animal is happy to sit with for , Place this on the eye while wet ( make sure its cool ) after you have washed the eye and let it sit there for around 5 minutes if possible , Repeat this three times a day


Hope this helps your little ones eye become nice and clear and makes them happy.


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