Looking good , Feeling better , Getting that swimsuit body

We all know we put on that winter comfort body, Are you wanting to get back to looking good and feeling great in that swimsuit?

Don’t we all

Well we have a great diet that Takes away the hunger cravings , Makes the Low calorie diet easier to maintain, This is our amazing HCG diet


This is our Extra Special 2 oz Super Starter Kit a great way to get everything you need to start the programme.

One thing you need to do is first Pre-diet Prepare , You need to do this as you will be cutting down on the amount of Vitamins that you are getting out of your food , Our Super Starter Kits are Great for this.

This Diet helps Reduce your Tummy rolls , and because it helps with this it helps with all those wonderful aliments that come with being over weight , such things as High Blood Pressure , Type Two diabetes.



I Know your wondering whats the Key to HCG Diet Success:

The biggest thing is prepping food ahead of time . This is a big way to help you stay on track with the HCG Diet. Mark your calendar one day each week as your ‘food prep’ day. You can even use your phone to remind you and set an alarm. Try and Pick a day where you can take your time , When your not rushed , Maybe if your lucky when you can get someone to watch the kids , Or if you have the chance on a day when they are at school. Try and make it fun , Make it  something to look forward to!

Diets always work better if you give yourself this time to prepared your food ahead of time, you’ll be less likely to derail from your goals when you get hungry. Food that you need will be right there and ready to go—or at least almost ready to go! This will also help you with your grocery shopping as you will need to plan your meals ahead of time and This will save you doing the whole spontanious purchases. A plan combined with prepared food will almost undoubtedly help you stay on the HCG Diet track!


Here are a few ideas for easy prep:



You can enjoy a 3.5 ounce ( 100 g) piece of protein for both your lunch and your dinner , Change it up and make the lunch protein different from the dinner one , Cut all your proteins into meal sizes when you bring them home and freeze them in their single portions for a more free flow pack.

When it’s time to eat, remove a piece of meat from the freezer and cook on a  Grill for about five to six minutes.



One vegetable is allowed per meal when taking HCG drops; do not mix veggies.

This can be anything from

Three ounces of tomatoes ( cherry or grape tomatoes are great for on the go)

Three ounces of Greens with a lemon juice as dressing

Couple of Small cucumbers – These are easier then purchasing the larger ones and having to portion it off and at times can be very tasty.


Prepackaged mixed greens are the way to go if you want to minimize your prep. If buying greens in bulk, you can rinse, pat dry, chop, and keep refrigerated into single servings.

This way, all your veggies will be handy—a huge help when you’re on the HCG Diet and you lead a busy lifestyle.



Fruit is almost always an easy snack with little or no prep—perfect for those taking HCG Drops. You can enjoy two servings of fruit a day on the HCG Diet. Here are some choices:

  • Strawberries
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit

Remember, food prep is the way to go for increased chance of success on the HCG Diet!



Now you need to also increase your water intake , This is Majorly important part of this diet , You need to make sure that you have 8 glasses of water , Now I know your thinking , What size glass , You will need to have an 8 ounce glass , or for those like me that arent use to ounces a glass that is around the 250 ml mark ,



The other thing you need to do is check your meal plate size , you should only be eating a meal that covers ( not heaped ) a 10 inch Plate  , for those of us that use cm around the 25 cm size , So in between a bread and butter plate and a Dinner plate. Now this is the Diameter ( across the plate from one side to the other ).


After the diet:

Now that you have completed the programme, you will need to once again take a good vitamin to help your body get back into the swing of things. The HCG diet helps reset your body cravings and will help you increase your success in keeping the weight off , You will also need to keep with the meal plate size. This will help increase your chances of keeping the weight off for that summer body.


Image result for free clipart bikini body


To help you get the body you desire:

We have loaded two special Codes just for you who want to try or who enjoy Our amazing HCG product , These can ONLY be used for the stated products and will be for a limited time so will expire 1st September 2017 so get in quick.

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PELLETSThis is the Code for  The Amazing 40 Day supply of HCG pellets, Great for when your on the go – Normally $99.95 – This code will give you a discount of $10 off – Code can only be used with the HCG pellets.  This is just for the bottle of the Pellets

To use these Codes please make sure that there is NO white space before or after the code.
If your still unsure just email us at Jstoddard@actrix.co.nz or find us on Facebook, and we will help answer your questions


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