For the Love of Lemons

If your like me you currently have a lemon tree fill of lemons and your wondering what to do with them all .

One good thing  I do is a roasted lemon with my chicken


Roasted Lemon

Clean out your chicken insides and put one WHOLE lemon up the inside , Don’t peel it , Don’t cut  it put it up there straight from being washed after you collected it from the tree ( or the supermarket ). I also put one whole one in with the veges while they roast

After the chicken and veges are done you now have two lovely roasted lemons , I know what your thinking what the heck am I meant to do with them now. Well when I have roast chicken I also do my family a lovely rice pudding ,  Because we are lactose intolerant I use Goats milk Powder but you can do it any way you are use to , I then cut the top out of the lemons and genitally squeeze  some of the pulp onto each rice pudding plate when I serve them , Gives you a lovely sweet lemon sauce without any added sugars or anything and my family love it


Lemon Juice


Now if your like me you like a squeeze of lemon juice on your fish or pancakes , Well what I do is just cut a small circle out of the end of the lemon skin , Normally the end the hangs from the tree and only down to the lemon flesh and then I squeeze the juice I need straight out of the lemon. When I have what I want I then put the skin circle back and put it in the egg slot in my fridge to use again , Works Wonderfully and The lemon lasts longer that way. When you have used all the juice from the lemon sit it whole in your kitchen sink plug hole , so that the opening is on top. Turn on your hot tap and let it flow in the lemon and down your sink , Gets ride of the funky smell your kitchen sink can get at times and fills your kitchen with a lemon fresh smell.

The other thing I Do if I have a few lemons that I need to use I would get an ice cube tray and squeeze the juices into the cubes and freeze. Then once they are frozen I would put it in a zip lock bag and leave in the freezer . You can save the seeds and put them in a pot plant pot  on top of some dirt , Cover with some fancy stones if desired and keep moist , You will start to sprout little lem

on trees , They will give off a lovely citrus scent and when they are to big you can separate and re pot and give as gifts

lemon gift

or you can plant in your property and make and interesting hedge one step at a time.


Another way to freeze it is if you like to party or you have a party coming up , Slice the lemon how you would normally use it in your drinks or cocktails and then freeze them flat on a tray then put into a snap lock bag to have  them free flow for the party and it means if you use them frozen you don’t have to add ice to the drinks.

Or if you are really busy you can just put the whole lemon in the freezer and defrost when you need it



No Sugar Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd


4 x Egg Yokes

1 x Whole Egg

1 x Tablespoon Lemon zest

1/2 cup lemon Juice

125 g butter

2-3 tablespoons Xylitol Powder



Beat the egg yokes and the egg till foamy and sit to one side.

Put the zest of the lemon , the lemon juice , the butter , and the xylitol powder into a heat proof bowl and suspend over a pot of boiling water ( your creating a double boiler sort of thing ) keep stirring the mix till the butter has completely melted. Add the egg mix slowly whisking as you go and keep whisking till smooth and thick , To tell if its thick enough you and put on a plate and when you run your finger through it it holds the gap inbetween and doesn’t flow back together.

Now put into some hot sterilized jars and seal.

Great on toast and Pancakes

Have a great day .

Enjoy your Lemons , If you have thick skins on your lemons and have a fisherman in the family get them to plant the remains of their catch or yucky bait near the trunk of the tree and your lemon will develop thinner skins.

If you love the smell of lemons you can always use our great Lemon Grass Hand Sanitizer 

We also have some other great Lemon products , Our lemon Mints give you a lovely zesty hit, Our Liquid Stevia comes in Lemon drop and Lemon Twist and these give you a nice lemon taste to your drinks and even pancakes , just by doing a few drops. Our Lemon Grass Lotion and Soap have a great smell and work wonders with the hand sanitizer. And the lemon grass essential oil is great to use in massage and even in a nice oil burner in the morning to give you a refreshing smell. Its also great in Bath salts , I also use it in my morning shower, Just pop a few drops onto a flannel and pop it on the base of the shower near where the shower head hits , The steam comes up with the most amazing lemon scent , I love how refreshing it makes me feel.



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