Pre and Post Diet Loading.

Now that Spring is here many of us are wanting to start work on your  summer body , Many of us think the first step is starting the diet …. I am here to let you know  you are wrong …. The first step you need to do is pre vitamin Load

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Now I know you are thinking what the heck and why is this so important


We are restricting our vitamin and mineral intake when we are dieting because we are  restricting our food intake.

Viatmin and Mineral

Well with any diet you are restricting your intake in some way of form and your body will not be absorbing the standard vitamins and minerals it will be normally getting . As Jackie is a natural path she has a wealth of Nutritional knowledge and knows that many of our vitamins and Minerals that we need for a healthy life we get from our food that we eat. Our Nutrition and Vitamins all affect our moods , Sleep , Health , Energy Levels , Heath and Stamina . When we partake in any sort of diet wither it be the HCG diet , The Fruit juice Diet , or any other common diet .


The first thing we recommend to anyone that are looking at starting our HCG diet  is that they first increase the intake of water to make sure that you are up to your recommended 2 litres a day before you start , This helps ensure that you are not dehydrated , We recommend filtered water as there are a lot of nasty’s in town supply water that can cause issues with the thyroid gland as it limits your adsorption of Iodine , A Thyroid gland that isn’t working correctly will result in weight gain so its good to make sure this is working correct .

Now that you have gotten your fluids up and got yourself well hydrated now its time to start the vitamin and Minerals , You can do this while you are increasing your water intake if desired . We generally tell people to start their preloading  one month before their diet, You need to start taking things like a decent Multi Vitamin . These  are ones like our Two per Day  this is a great one as you only need two a day and one bottle has enough in it to last you a month. We also have one called Maxi Hair , This is chocker block full of vitamins and though it says hair it also helps your skin and your Nails and is great for the pre diet loading.


Because we are coming out of Winter we also need to make sure we are increasing out Vitamin D before we start on the diet , Our Bone restore is good for this because not only does it have Vitamin D it also has Vitamin  K , You will need to preload these if you are doing the HCG diet especially as you will be eliminating these during the diet.

Now I have been talking about the Vitamins and you are most likely wondering what about the minerals , Well a good product we have here is  40,000 Volts Electrolyte concentrate , It’s a good one to start with the mineral loading and is also a great one to use after the diet when you are doing all the workouts you will be doing to help keep your rocking new body. You can also take a good Potassium/calcium/ magnesium supplement , Or a good Full Spectrum Mineral.


We also must not forget a good vitamin C , One of our staff likes the C1000 , Loves the fact she can take it once in the morning and forget about it the rest of the day , We need to take a daily amount of Vitamin C as our bodies have no way of storing it , what our bodies don’t use we release as waste. And with the C-1000 it’s a slow release so it allows for better usage by the body .


Now once you have Preloaded your Vitamins and Minerals you will be ready for the next step of the Changing to a new You …

You can choose any diet you wish and that you feel comfortable with , Some of us have done and will happily do again the HCG diet , Jackie herself has done this along with thousands of her clients and they were  ecstatic with the results. For those going onto the HCG diet  we have great starter packs available for you , These are packed with what you need to start your diet , You will need to keep up with your fluids while on your diet , This is because if you cut back on your water your body will hold on to what they get and therefore you wont burn the fat you need. We all know how wilted our plants get and don’t grow good in summer with droughts and our body is no different , The lack of water in your daily intake will result in the lack of results on those ever so daunting scales.


This is our wonderful deluxe HCG starter Kit 

I know many of you would want to take a short cut and say drink heaps of water at one go , Your poor kidneys cant handle this and they can only process just over 900 mls of fluid an hour , This includes the fluids in our foods along with hot drinks and the water we drink , so don’t over work them. A good way to get enough water while dieting is to have a healthy PB drink bottle  Though a glass one is heavy it is a preferred option, Mark the bottle breaking it up in to five even spaces , I use a one liter bottle as this makes sure I get my two liters in the day. I then write on one side hour spaces starting at 8 am , right down to the bottom of the bottle which I make 12 pm , Underneath I write Refill , I then return to the top and start at 2 pm and go down to the bottom to 6 pm with my aim to have it so by the time I have written on the line the water in the bottle is down to that line , You can purchase bottles that have this already written on it or save money and make one yourself. In my bottle I also add a slender stick drink sachet with my water as I make them up to 1 liter and I know then that I am adding vitamins as I make sure I have my daily water intake .


Something similar to this one is what you are wanting to do or purchase.


Check with your diet and make sure that you know what vitamins you have to be avoiding while  on it . Make sure that you keep up with the vitamins that you can take and this will ensure that you are fueling your body correctly and giving yourself good footing for success.

A good supplement you can take on any diet is Glucomannan , This is a great fiber and helps you keep full but helps keep the stomach healthy and moving , We have multiple varieties available from capsules to powder.


Another food you can take before a diet , While on a diet and even after the Diet ,is the Shirataki  Noodles.


The fibre is known as glucomannan,It comes from the Konjac Root.

Shirataki noodles were originally developed in Asia, but they have recently come to the attention of people around the world. Because these noodles are almost totally a beneficial type of fibre, they have almost no “bad” carbohydrates. There are some indications that they may have other health benefits as well.It also adds 1 gram of protein and 3 grams carbohydrate protein per serving

Shirataki noodles don’t have a real taste of their own.. liquid they come in does has a bit of flavor, this can be easily washed off, though some people like to use a short period of boiling. They will absorb the flavor of what you are cooking them with.

Because of their Zero Calories as their natural state ( so not added to anything ) they do make a great filler in any diet.


We will now fast forward , you are coming to the end of your diet , either because you have reached the maximum recommended days on the diet , or you have reached that rocking body you were after ….diet

Congrates on making it this far , well done ….

Now you need to make sure that you post diet load , This will make sure that you are replenishing the vitamins and minerals that you are now burnt off while on your diet .


I would personally recommend at least taking the Maxi Hair , I have always found post diet my Hair is not the best or my nails do break easily , Taking the Maxi hair during the diet last time helped eliminate this problem , Or you can just start taking it after the diet and it will help with many of the vitamins to help give you great nails and hair.

Another one that is good to take after the diet is Bone Restore , Especially if you are on the HCG diet , Or a good Potassium / Calcium / Magnesium blended Vitamin because we honestly don’t get enough calcium when we are dieting unless you have gone on a milk diet 🙂 .

The 40,000 electrolyte is also great at this stage as you will be wanting to get going on the exercise and its great to keep up with the stuff you are burning .

Now keep up the good work you have achieved so far and enjoy yourself.


Fun FACT :  Stretching helps one with their glucose level — Great reason to stretch or start doing yoga  🙂



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