Fun with Fertility

Heres a question for you , What is the most Fertile mammal in the world

Some say its the Humble Rabbit , and many would be right , I will tell you more about that later on.


Now one of our staff personally knows the struggles that some of you will have with fertility , she has had it herself and also in her animals

Well there are some things we can advise you off that will help with this struggle

The first thing is do you know the reasons behind your fertility issues , Ladies are you a little overweight , Yes this does have an issue with getting pregnant , Men are your tadpoles swimming the right way , are they swimming at all ?


Well let us deal with a few things that we can

The first thing is weight , This does effect males and females and the best thing is to try and loose a little if you need to , Our HCG diet is great at getting you jump started on this

The next thing we can address is you Sex Drive

Yes sex drive or your libido is important and not just for you men , Ladies its important for us to , If you dont finish the race how are you ment to get a prize so to speak . A good product for you ladies is Steel Libido for woman . This is a great natural product that helps. Its like swallowing all those oysters but more enjoyable ( some of us here at superfoodsNZ dont like the taste or look of raw oysters and even one of our staff has said its worse then eating snails and she has done both ).

If you are a couple and you want a universal product our Horny Goat weed is great for this , Its one of those universal products that we stock. Heres an interesting piece of information for you , One of our staff had issues with her male goat not doing the job he was purchased for , Her brother was taking the Horny Goat weed and he threw it out , Now Mr Billy Goat decided to do what goats do best and ate the tablets … 4 months later much to her surprise our staff member was advised that all her 17 nanny goats were pregnant and all were due in about a months time , Needless to say it was a frantic time for her running around making sure her goats had a safe birthing place , She has also used the product on her rare rabbits to get them to finally get in the mood to do what everyone things rabbits do best.


Now if you ladies are wanting to conceive a good thing to start taking now is a good frolic acid product Multi vitamins like our two per day are good for this  , Also a good conception tea ,  You can contact us and get advise on which to mix with what for a good conception tea or use our prepared one .


Other good herbs are

  • Red Raspberry Leaf– A well know fertility herb that is also good during pregnancy. It has a high nutrient profile and is especially high in calcium and is a uterine tonic. It is available in capsule form, but makes an excellent hot or cold tea.
  • Nettle Leaf Has a very high mineral content. It contains lots of chlorophyll and is nourishing to the adrenals and kidneys. It helps reduce stress and is a powerful uterine tonic. Once pregnant, it is great for getting enough nutrients during pregnancy and has a high vitamin K content to prevent hemorrhage. I add nettle leaf to a tea that I drink before and during pregnancy.
  • Dandelion– Contains vitamins A and C as well as trace minerals. The root is beneficial to the liver and the leaf is mildly diuretic. Can help cleanse the body and remove toxins.
  • Maca A hormone balancing herb that is known throughout the world for its fertility and vitality promoting properties. Good for both men and women to increase fertility, though women should only take between menses and ovulation and discontinue to make sure it is not taken during pregnancy. It is a very potent herb that often has very noticeable effects on fertility. It comes in powder form or capsule form.
  • Vitex/Chaste Tree Berry– Nourishes the pituitary gland and helps lengthen the luteal phase. It lowers prolactin and raises progesterone. For some women, this alone will increase fertility.


Vitamins that promote fertility:

  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D deficiency is very common in America, especially during the winter, and can be very detrimental to overall health. Recent studies link inadequate vitamin D with infertility and miscarriage. Have your levels checked to find out how much you need.
  • Vitamin C– A potent antioxidant, vitamin C is good for both male and female infertility. Aim for at least 2,000 mg a day pre-conception.
  • Folate– Folate (not folic acid) is well known as a necessary vitamin in early pregnancy to prevent complications, but it is most beneficial when taken for several month before the pregnancy as well as during. It helps cell division and promotes ovulation. Some natural doctors recommend taking up to 5,000 micrograms a day and women hoping to get pregnant should take at least 2,000 micrograms a day. It is important to note that many people have trouble using the synthetic form, folic acid, and do better with folate or methylfolate (this post explains more).
  • Zinc- Very important for cell division including sperm production and ovulation. Best when taken in combination with b-vitamins.
  • Selenium Helps protect the body from free radicals and protects sperm and egg. Known to help cell division and might prevent miscarriage.
  • B-Vitamins– Deficiency of b-vitamins is common in anyone who consumes large amounts of processed foods, grains or sugars. Optimizing b vitamin levels can increase lutenizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone to improve fertility.


Hopefully some of these things will help you out in getting that little bundle you want , You can also contact us and talk with our natural path Jackie and she can advise you on some other products.

baby bunny

Now I know you are wondering all about the rabbit bit at the top , Well many say rabbits are those that are a wealth of fertility and as the saying goes , they breed like rabbits , Well here are some funny facts for you , Rabbits are what they call induced ovulators , This means they dont produce eggs till they are mated, They have babies 28 – 31 days after mating and can breed again straight after mating , I know your thinking WOW thats a lot of babies , Well heres a fact on Mice and Rats , Thought they have a heat ( season ) they can produce a litter of babies 19 – 25 days after mating , they can remate straight after having babies and they can have litters up to 20 at a time , the only reason rabbits are said to be the most fertile in the world is because they live longer , Mice and Rats only as a general rule of thumb live to be about 1-2 years old and rabbits can live and breed at the age of 5-6 .
Good luck with you next trial of making your baby , If in doute you can always do it the way teenagers do it , Drunk in the back of the car after a party , laugh as you may like if it works for the horny teenagers it can work for you , because you have to remember stress can also lead to fertility issues .

Good luck and Have Fun


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