Dealing with the Monthly Visitor

Most of us women know what I am meaning and Most of you men cringe at the idea of the visitor that arrives every month and the monster it can bring out in either your sister , mother , partner or Daughter . I know some that hide away for the four days its meant to last but for some of us it doesn’t last just four days , Some of us it doesn’t come once a month but I am not going to get into to much of that today

I am here to give you a few helpful things that will make this visitors time a little  easier to deal with

Here are a few things that I KNOW will help you with an assortment of things to do with this time of the month .

men cup.jpg

Menstrual Cups – Aka Moon Cup , Diva Cup , Lunette Cup

Now I know you are thinking EWWW YUCKY … But many woman are preferring these over the sanitary pads and Tampons .. The good thing about them is that they are reusable ( of course you have to clean them ) and they can last for at least 5 years if cared for properly… This making them more cost effective then sanitary pads and tampons as we all know how many we can use in this time.

Their sizes do vary slightly but the general rule of thumb for these is for those of us that are under 30 and have never given birth to a child vaginally then we would go for the small size or Model 1

For those of us over 30 and have given birth vaginally then we would go for the larger size or Model 2

There are a few exceptions to this , One is if you are a petite or active woman most go for the small as they find the large uncomfortable , And those of us that have the Dreaded HEAVY periods mostly go for the large so that we have the volume capacity but in saying this there is no rule of thumb for how often they have to be emptied , Most woman do it every 8 hours but if you are worried about leakage or you know you have a wild night planned and you want to make sure that your all good then you can empty sooner , Some woman do it on the toilet or in the shower as the empty stage can be a bit messy and they do take a little bit of practice to get them in right but once you have it worked out you are all set … The big bonus about these is women can wear these swimming and we can use them without the stress of Toxic Shock Syndrome ( TSS) , the risk of getting TSS from a menstrual cup is virtually non existent. The other big bonus with using Menstrual cups is that it a good preventative for Bacterial Vaginitis (BV) that can be caused and aggravated by tampons etc. This is a nasty bacterial infection that the drugs to treat cause just as much other problems for you .

The other good thing is these cups on average hold twice as much as your standard tampons do.

Its recommended that if you are using these you also ensure that they are well cleaned after you empty them before inserting them again . Its ideal to use the cleaners designed for these cups to help preserve the silicone and make them last longer . You can use cleansers for any brand of cup  We have two cleansers. Now I know your saying but what if I am out and about . Well that is where the Cup Wipes come in handy as they can just discretely sit in your bag and are there when you need them.


Indole 3

Now this wonderful little product is what is known as a Negative regulator of oestrogen so it will assist those of us that turn into the screaming monster of PMS. It is also good for those who are overweight as it can decrease obesity and will assist those of us who are suffering from PCOS and helps reduce cyst production which we all know will make our lives that much easier.

It will also help those of us that are going through the change of life and either are starting the stage of menopause or are in the middle of it. Wonderful little product isn’t it.



Now this is another wonderful little product that can work hand in hand with Indole 3 , helps you with your moods and helps with the whole Heavy Bleeding , Pain and Bloating many  of us get along with water retention and cellulite . It does this by helping the body properly metabolise the oestrogen. It also helps with the overall health of the uterus and will help those of us with PCOS

Evening Primrose Oil

Now if you are like me you have heard about the wonders of this oil for years . For those that haven’t used this before this wonderful little product naturally treats PMS – To do this you generally take 1500 ml daily from day 1 of the cycle through to your ovulation day ( generally around day 14 ) this will help with those cramps and I have personally found its great for PMS

If you are like some of us ( me included ) that get hormonal Acne you can use evening primrose oil at 500 ml twice a day and you will notice the change

If you are suffering from hair loss due to us all getting older you can also do the whole 500 ml twice a day and you will notice that your hair is getting better within 6 – 8 weeks

Moringa Leaf

Now the biggest benefit for us ladies of this leaf is that with will assist with PCOS and the Ovarian cysts , Not only is it known to assist with the relief of pain and mild bleeding caused by the cysts but it is also known to reduce the creation of future cysts

It is also a good thing to increase your milk supply and is a natural contraception so can assist with your birth control methods.

Borage Oil

This is another good oil for those of us that are PMS sufferers and also assists those of us that are starting with menopause or are currently going through it.

For those of us that are mums that are breastfeeding , this is also good for milk production

Wild Yams

This helps with PMS along with menstrual cramps so it’s a good product. Having it as a tablet form its great to take hand and hand with your Evening Primrose oil.


The handiness of this herb is that it will help you maintain a regular cycle so it makes it easier for planning things and we all know how much easier this time of the month is when we can plan around its arrival.

Dong Quai

Now this wonderful little tea / herb has many properties that will help with many parts of your period , If you are one of those that has menstrual cramps this works like the evening primrose oil and will help not only alleviate the cramps with helps sooth them . It assists with PMS and helps regulate the cycle and any mood swings. The added benefit of this herb is that it replenishes your blood supply after the period but it also helps treat iron deficiency and anemia’s related to your period

So you can see you don’t have to sit in a dark room and suffer and hopefully some of this has given you the light at the end of the monthly tunnel.

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