Feeling Essential

We all know the joys of walking into a room that smells devine , We also know the fright we can get when our little ones arent doing well or arent sleeping well.

How would you feel if i told you that you can achieve this via essential oils.

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I know many people will be thinking oh but it will mean I have to have one of those oil burner things and what about the candle around children

well heres the thing about technology , at times it does improve something in a wonderful way and now you can get USB oil Diffusers.

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The best thing about these is that you don’t even heat the oils so your not damaging them , you use less oil in a  usb diffuser and also you don’t even need to run it off your laptop , you can actually use the plug in usb charger that you either have because you have purchased a smart phone , or you can purchase one from your local cheap dollar store.

Now that we are coming into winter months and the weather is getting colder I can tell you some great essential oils and blends that are great for this time of year and how to use them.

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This wonderful oil goes back to biblical days  – Yes it was one of the gifts from the three wise men for jesus , Now this oil is a great antiseptic , astringent , anti inflammatory along with its many other wonders and you can use it in a few ways

First is the frankincence tears , These are great to use as an incense , you usually put these on a  charcol incense burner and set it alight and you will notice the amazing aroma fill a room , its great

Another way you can use it is in your bath

Now this is GREAT if you have a cold or  the flu starting aswell ,

Our Bath Mix is a great way to get the benifits of frankincense –

Bath Mix

This is a mix of Frankincense , Orange and Peppermint oil  – You can either place 4-5 drops of this directly into the bath or the best way I have found to use it is with Dead Sea Salt

You place a cup of dead sea salt into a glass or plastic bowl , Add 4-5 drops of the bath mix to it and Mix together using a plastic spoon and then put into your bath as it runs , Its best to put the whole cup of the salt mix and I  prefer to mix it as I need it . Now sit back and relax in the bath and let the hot water and steam work its magic

We also have done a couple of mixes that you can purchase that involves frankincense that you use in your oil diffusers

Clarity Mix –

a mix of Peppermint and Frankincense  – Place a 2-3 drops in your diffuser and set it to run its course , I normally run this blend in the morning if I get up and feeling full of brain fog , or during the day if I am trying to focus on things.

Stress mix

Now this doesnt make you more stressed it helps you with stress – its a mix of orange oil and frankincense and is great when you put it in your diffuser when you get home after a long day at work.Place a 2-3 drops in your diffuser and set it to run its course.

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Lemon Oil 

Now this is a lovely citrus oil that just seems to bring sunshine into your day and its helps one heal and is known to help relieve fatigue if mixed with the right companion oils

Now we have three mixes we have come up with that you can get from us for this set reason

Fatigue mix

This is a carefully crafted mix of Lemon , Vetiver and Lavender in  masterfully precise ratios that will help with fatigue , You place a 2 – 4 drops of this mix into your oil diffuser and set it away , its that simple

Helping hands mix 

This carefully crafted mix involves Lemon , Thyme and Lavender oil  – Once again you place 3- 4 drops  this in your Oil Diffuser and relax back  or you can mix it into your massage oil and receive a good relaxing massage , the best massage oil we find is a nice almond oil.

 Allergies Mix 

This is great for those of us that suffer from hayfever and I even use it myself – this is a mix of Peppermint , Lemon and Lavender oil  – This can either be used as 3-4 drops in your oil diffuser or you can place the 3 – 4 drops on a tissue and use it to help clear your nose when its all blocked up.

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Lemon Grass Oil

Now this is different to lemon oil and does have a different smell but still has the citrus zinge to it

you can either use it straight on a tissue and inhale to help clear your mental fog that is created when one has a cold or flu

the other ways to use it are in a mix , Now we have created these mixes for you

Bad Dreams  Blend

This mix is great for yourself or for the kids , Its a mix of Lemon grass and lavender , you just put 3-4  drops of it into your oil diffuser and set the diffuser to do its thing. i find when i use this for my children they have a more settled sleep.

Upset Tummy Blend

This assists in settling the Nauseated feeling we all sometimes get when we are down with the winter bugs . This also helped me when i was pregnant with my children with the dreaded morning sickness – Its a mix of Lemongrass , Peppermint and orange oil – place 3-4 drops in your diffuser is all you need to do .

Lavender herb and essential oil

Lavender Oil

Now this is one of my favorite oils , I also love this growing in my garden and I now know why my grandfather use to always insist on having a plant and drying the flowers when he could , This plant has a million and one uses it seems but today we will only talk about a few of the uses for the oil.

Now with lavender oil you can use it to help with congestion , Place a couple of drops directly on your chest , Neck and sinus areas ( make sure you keep it out of your eyes ) and it will help relieve that blocked up heavy feeling , Also works great on your tissue

We also have it in these two mixes

Insomnia Mix 

this is a mix of lavender and Vetiver and place 3 – 4 drops in your diffuser and set it started as you are getting ready for bed and I have found I always have a good night sleep with this one.

Focus Blend

This is another blend we have created , Once again with Lavender and Vetiver but in different ratios and it will help you clear that Mind fog and Focus on the tasks you need to get done in the day. Just use 2-3 drops  in an oil diffusser.


Clove Bud Oil

Now this oil is a lot like the lavender in that it has a million and one uses from natural acne clearer , to assisting with tooth aches and now you can use it in your diffuser ,

Chesty Blend

This blend is a mix of Clove bud oil and Thyme oil that when used in the diffuser helps assist the clearing of your chesty coughs. Just place 2-3 drops in the diffuser.

Mental Strength 

This blend is a mix of clove bud oil and Orange oil that when used in the diffuser helps your focus and helps to clear out the brain fog winter bugs bring with them. All you need is 2-3 drops to be placed in an oil diffuser

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