Working in Synergistic Harmony

A majority of us are currently taking vitamins and minerals and you would be surprised how many of us are dealing with issues to do with Iron , Magnesium , Vitamin D and other deficiencies .

And many of us are taking some sort of supplement for these things but did you realize that some vitamins and minerals work better if you pair them up with their Synergistic Partner , or if you take it a specific way.


Vitamin D

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Vitamin D (specifically the vitamin D3 form) has had in-depth research which shows as little as 200 IU Vitamin D contributes to weight loss.

vitamin D3 has been consistently implicated in obesity, Weight management, including carbohydrate and fat metabolism now ground breaking research shows as little as 200 IU Vitamin D in combination with adequate calcium intake contributes to weight loss.

Having too little vitamin D may not have any outwardly obvious signs. Yet vitamin D (specifically the vitamin D3 form) impacts an incredible array of support for systems and functions in your body…

Sleep patterns, Heart health, Cell formation and cell longevity, Skin health, Pancreatic health, Aging process, Hearing, , Eye health

Healthy mood and feelings of well-being, Muscle health, bone formation because vitamin D encourages calcium uptake , Hair and hair follicles, Respiratory health, immune cell differentiation and inhibition and angiogenesis in cancer cells. Vascular system health Reproductive health, Athletic performance

Epidemiological studies have shown low serum vitamin D to be associated with many chronic diseases including; multiple sclerosis, increased falls risk, cancer, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, depression, asthma and allergies, musculoskeletal conditions and more recently in the development of obesity.

Vitamin D has a synergistic Partner that insures that you will be able to absorb and process this supplement more effectively and this partner is Magnesium

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Taking magnesium supplements is an effective way to decrease your risk of a heart attack. And is a effective way to

Reduce cramps , sleep better , be calmer, less constipation, restless leg syndrome, muscle twitching. Many other health benefits. You can take as much magnesium as your bowels will tolerate, but not more than 1,000 mg. I prefer magnesium citrate, as it’s the most bioavailable form

Magnesium is also been studied to lessen and at times prevent migraines in those that suffer them.



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Now with Iron there are Many ways of taking this and even if you get a standard blood test it may not tell you that you are lacking in Iron , If you go and get an Iron count done make sure your doctor is checking for your Iron Stores not just the Iron Count as your Stores can be depleted and your iron levels are in the range of normal because your body is using all it can get and not getting enough to store any.

Now the common side effects of low iron is you are tired , Did you realise that memory loss and lack of concentration can also be signs of low iron levels , they are normally the early warning signs and the ones that most people miss . Now with iron you have actually TWO synergistic  partners , Vitamin C and frolic Acid . Interesting Fact for you …. A human can not store vitamin C they have to have their daily amount each day or it will effect they immune system by slowing it down … This is the one thing we have in common with guinea pigs because they cant store vitamin c either … Now vitamin C assists in the body’s ability to absorb the iron supplement you are taking , I know your wondering what does the frolic acid do … we did you know that many of us that are low in IRON are also low in Frolic acid and Most of us don’t think about this mineral until we are expecting a baby . Frolic acid also assists the body’s ability to absorb the Iron they are taking but it also has an interesting side effect for those of us that tend to get constipated on iron supplements in it seems to almost eliminate this side effect if it is taken at the same time as Iron … A little known fact on Iron … You should not take the supplement with Tea or Coffee ,  this is because the tannins in these drinks inhibit the absorption of the iron… It is best to take it 30 minutes before one of these drinks or 1 hour after … if you are taking Iron it is best to make the most of it and allow your body the best chance to absorb the mineral that way you are not just flushing it down the toilet so to speak. Also another note when taking iron  you have to also be careful of your Zinc levels as Iron supplements can play havoc with Zinc Supplements and they are best to be taken separately so that they don’t inhibit the absorption of each other. A general rule of thumb with these two is to take one 2 hours after the other to ensure your digestive system has enough time to absorb and process both properly.


Vitamin B

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Now  the absolute best way to take  Vitamin B is orally  and this is the Methyl Cobalamin type of Vitamin B -this is best to be taken as a liquid that you can hold under your tongue- this is called sublingual which means its absorbed into your saliva glands and into your blood system without the preservatives that are likely found in the injections



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Now I know you are thinking what do these have to do with deficiencies, if your intestines and digestive system is full of parasites and bacteria it is not going to absorb all the stuff you are trying to take to help it. There are a few cleanses you can try , Some such as our Parasite Purge will work great at eliminating the intestinal parasites or our 7 Day Cleanse is a wonderful way to clear out the system before a diet or before taking supplements, then you have our others such as Candida  and wormwood kits that help cleanse the other systems such as the kidneys and urinary system as well as the digestive system , Everything in our body is designed to work in harmony with each other so yes our body is a synergistic system in itself. People who are over 50, celiac , people who have been on antibiotics and those that have a compromised immune system can all have a gut bacteria imbalance that can result in a blockage of all the villi’s in the small intestine and therefore its not allowing all the absorption to happen and it prevents the much needed vitamins  passing through to the blood system. Taking a good probiotic can also help with this, I know your thinking but those have to be kept in the fridge and can be a pain when you have to travel , We have some great probiotics that don’t need refrigeration

While you are doing a cleanse is also a good time to think about the last time you wormed your family and pets. Most people worm their pets every 3 – 6 months but tend to always forget the family members , As a general rule of thumb in the SuperfoodsNZ household when our Lovely Jarl is wormed the Household members also get Wormed and this is similar to our staff members households  as well.

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