Winter Weight – Winter Calories

Many of us would have noticed that as the days get colder and the nights get longer we are getting less active.

But does this seem to stop us from eating more , NO ! – In fact we are actually eating more over winter and we are consuming more calories then we do in the warmer months of the year. This increase in calorie consumption makes it so that we are putting on the winter weight.


Some of us live by the saying that Summer Bodies are made in Winter and some don’t realize how true this is.

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Have you ever sat there at the end of winter and it suddenly dawned on you that Boy if I want that great body for the beach I need to loose all this weight I have gained before summer . Then you spend all spring working hard out and still get disappointed that your body isn’t as great as you wanted it to be ?


First of All the first thing I will say is stop measuring yourself by others standards , The first thing you need to do is Love yourself , This is an Important step because if you don’t love the body you are in flaws and all then you will never get the body you want.


Second thing is what many people don’t realize is that winter is actually a great time of the year to start some diet plans , Especially the Calorie controlled ones like the HCG weight loss program.


Many would say why is it easier to do the Calorie controlled diets in Winter

  • The First reason is because when you are on a calorie controlled diet like HCG its often advised to limit the amount of exercise you are doing while doing the system, and in winter we are doing this anyway.
  • The second reason is because many of us crave soups and such in winter and there are some great recipes that can be used to create soups that are healthy for you and that are lower in Calories then others.
  • The third reason is because in Winter many of us would rather stay at home nice and warm then to be going out socializing and risking falling off the band wagon.
  • The Forth reason is because any activity we do in winter burns more calories then what it does in summer due to the fact your body has to work harder to keep warm.

Now lets get on good footing for our Summer bodies and start them in Winter

First step to any weight loss is to decide how much weight I want to Loose , How long I want to do the Program.

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Winter is the ideal time to actually jumpstart the HCG diet if you are doing it for the first time or even if you are wanting to give it another go.

Now you can jump all in and purchase our Deluxe Starter Kit or Super Starter Kits  , These come in the standard 2 oz , for those of us that are wanting to trim down a little , The 4 oz starter – for those of us that want to really hit summer running and want to take full advantage of the winter months , and the Pellets kit – this is for those of us that want to do the 2oz starter but spend most of our time out of the house or at work.


Now don’t forget to Vitamin Load before and after you start the HCG programme to ensure that you have enough of the vitamins and minerals in your system to make the most of the weight program. You can find our blog on pre and post diet loading here.  If you are just wanting to look for the products you will need to pre and post diet load the products you will need are Vitamin C ( we need this daily ) , Vitamin K , Full spectrum Minerals, Sea Iodine Fucoidan, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 ( these two are great weight loss aids in themselves ) and also don’t forget the Magnesium to take with the Vitamin B12 to ensure the correct absorption.

The one way to make the most of the foods you can eat is to make a broth from your meat and vegetables

To do this you can do the following.

Poach your chosen meat and vegetable rather then grill them and keep the liquid produced , Add to this liquid a small amount of either fresh or Powdered Garlic  and Ginger , Yes fresh is best but if using powdered please make sure they have nothing added to them. Our Garlic and Ginger are good for this purpose. You can also add the All Purpose Seasoning ( liquid Amino’s) as these are allowed on the HCG Diet.

You Drink this ” Soup/ Broth” before you eat your meal and this helps keep you fuller for longer and is an ideal way to get all the goodness out of the food you are eating.

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Dont forget to drink PLENTY of water while you are on any diet plan .

Now if you are wanting something different then the Grissini to have either between your meals or with your meals to add something extra you can add the Shirataki Noodles as these are ZERO calories , Keep in mind these are made with Konjac Root and they are filling so a small amount does go a long way to filling a person up.

images (15) noodles




Even if you aren’t doing the HCG diet and are just doing one of our others like Green Tea Fat BurnerMaximum Strength glucomannan programmeFat Magnet or your own one the Soup and Noodles work great with all of these. You can find Many other weight loss products on our Dedicated weight loss page.

fat-magnet-510x510  Max-Gluco (1)  IRW-26301-3.jpg




Now while you are on any diet  you are restricted to the stuff you can eat. So this is also a great time to get of the Sugar Train and replace it with some alternatives when you have gotten back to a normal eating plan. Things like Xylitol , Swerve , Stevia , Monkfruit are all natural alternatives to the Sugar Monster.

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If you are wanting to take advantage of the winter months and loose some weight we want to be there to support you. If you want some advice Please email us here and we will help you.

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If you have read this blog and want to take advantage of some of our other products apart from the HCG you can use the following discount Code blog10  this will give you 10% off any products as long as you spend over $50

You can find our Store here.

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