Possible Causes for Serious Diseases 

Many dont realise that the possible cause for many serious diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis , some cancer and other issues can be linked to microscopic parasites that are residing in our body and we are not aware of. Those of us with animals know its important for the animals health and well being to treat our little furry friends every few months for parasites, In the old days families use to also treat everyone in the household at the same time and many of us baby boomers or generation X’s will remember as a child standing in a line to get our worming tablets before bed time. Many families don’t seem to be doing this in today’s fast paced society  along with the processed foods and added preservatives,  our bodies are feeling the effects.

Our body is like our house , If you don’t do general housework and maintenance its going to get run down. Like a good working system our body is a master in design and its housework function which in medical terms is called Homeostasis is like general in our body and when it gets out of balance the whole body gets out of balance. Many viruses can effect the Homeostasis of the body by effecting the immune system and thyroid system. Now the Thyroid system is the main system in our body that helps regulate our hormones , our basal temperature, our metabolism, and our body’s growth , so basically its the body’s power house.
If these get out of sync then the system gets out of sync , If your body is trying to fight parasites it is not going to be able to fight virus’s as easily this is why its a great idea to do a parasite cleanse. General rule of thumb is to atleast try and do this every winter. If you are a farmer or deal with a lot of animals its a good idea to do a parasite purge on yourself every time you do this on  your animals. We also don’t mean to scare you but there has been studies that show that 85% of people with rheumatoid arthritis has a microscopic bacteria in the synovial fluid in their knee joint. Those women with dogs studies have also shown that you have an increase chance of ovarian cancer. We are not meaning to scare you but this is why we are recommending that everyone does a cleanse at least every winter if not more often.


Wormwood  or somethings known as Artemisinin is a great product for all those that are doing their first cleanse in a long time. Our wormwood kit would be perfect for this and also for those that have had issues with Bacterial Vaginosis or candida issues the use of this wormwood kit or our candida kit has seen a remarkable improvement in other customers. If you want something simple to take you can also try our Wormwood combination product.
Our Parasite Purge is full of herbal cleanses like Black Walnut , Neem Leaf , Fennel , Butternut Bark , Slippery Elm , Wormwood, Mugwort . This is a 4 week cleanse system that detoxifies your body of foreign organisms and helps restore your normal homeostasis.

Our 7 day cleanse is as it says a 7 day cleanse and this a vegan friendly formula that assists your body in genitally removing its waste. It has products in it like Senna Leaves, Apple Cider Vinegar , Ascorbic Acid, Acai Berry, Fennel Seed.

Our oxy-cleanse is a nice and gentle way to cleanse out the lower half of our digestive system and is a great way to ensure that if you have taken worming tablets that all the parasites in your stomach that this has killed makes their way completely out of your system.
We also have many of these products for individual sale and we are happy to advise you on any extras all you need to do is ask.

Our Grapefruit seed extract  is a great way to assist your body to fight off any parasites when you are travelling away from home at this time of year.

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