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Jackie Stoddard

Director Jackie Stoddard N.D, with over 30 years experience as an naturopath, herbalist, therapeutic massage.


Administration Staff – Wendy White , Has a National Certificate in Buisness Administration level 3 , Is the secretary to the Local Northern Rabbit and Cavy Club and has come to work at Superfoods Nz in July 2017. She has a wealth of knowledge on things to do with animals and things that can be given to them naturally to help them and is happy to bring this knowledge to superfoodsNZ. She also runs a Mobile petting zoo that gets booked out for special events and birthdays.


Jackie is very passionate about effective HCG natural weight loss. After losing 25 kgs herself she says “the HCG drops are amazing and the loss lasts, it resets the Fat centre of the brain- the Diaencephalon

I’m happy to be supplying this product for anyone wanting to lose 3 kgs to 100 kgs (yes one customer has lost over 80 Kgs!) People are improving their health and happiness (3 people that SuperfoodsNZ know of, now have normal blood sugar levels & no longer on Type II Diabetes medications!) Hearing all the great feedback and weight loss successes, a bonus!

Jackie also runs an eco friendly green B & B Kauri Nest on Riverside www.kaurinest.co.nz I’d be Happy to create health retreat packages for 4-6 people
If you’d like SuperfoodsNZ to source a product for you we shall endeavour to find it

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